Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Question of Priorities

The Ceej is delighted with changes to a bill that will make it easier for Canada to give the old heave-ho to undesireables. To purveyors of the jihad agenda? Well, maybe (although the Ceej news release is careful not to mention them by name). Most crucially, the changes may allow us to get rid of the real scary undesirables--decrepit Third Reich-ers:
TORONTO—Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) commends Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, for tabling Bill C-37 which, in part, streamlines the processes for revoking fraudulently-gained citizenship and for removing ineligible individuals from Canada. The following statement is issued by CJC CEO Bernie M. Farber:
“The sections of Bill C-37 dealing with denaturalization and deportation strengthen the value of Canadian citizenship. CJC has long articulated the view that perpetrators or enablers of war crimes and crimes against humanity undermine our precious Canadian citizenship. Such individuals should not be permitted to enjoy the benefits of Canadian citizenship, especially if they lied about their past records to fraudulently receive it. Canada’s numerous survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides should not be put in the position of living side-by-side with those who committed or facilitated these heinous acts.
While we regard this new process as especially relevant to cases emerging from contemporary conflicts, there are still individuals who lied about their Holocaust-era activities and who have been determined to be subject to revocation under the current system. We urge the government to move expeditiously on these cases so that these individuals can face some measure of justice for their actions,” said Farber.
Yes, by all means let's ensure that every last Depends-wearing sieg-Heiler is shipped back to receive his just desserts (although it's clear that that's exactly what they've evaded by living here all these decades, and that sending them back at this stage could look more like vengeance than like justice). But let's not pretend that these incontinent geezers pose any threat to us whatsoever, and let's grow a pair and try to do something about being put in the position of having to live side-by-side with those committed to facilitating the next Jewish genocide.

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