Sunday, June 6, 2010

T.O. Flotilla Freaks/Naqba Nutters Seethe and Rage

BCF has the video; LGF has the stills. (Love the shot of the dude in the Che T, Lumpy. I guess it is all about the revolution.)

BCF says for once police were taking photos of some of the seethers--likely, he guesses, because they may reappear during G20 "protests" slated for later this month; had there been no summit, no doubt, it would have been business as usual.

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Josephine said...

Thanks for the link, Scaramouche!

There's always a Che t-shirt or three at those protests.

Did you notice the little girl all in pink, including her little pink purse, in the front of the crowd shot? I would never take a young child to such an event.