Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Knew It Was Coming

"International community demands a flotilla probe"--because, hey, nothing brings folks together like another opportunity to trash/bash/smash Israel. And if they focus--fixate--on the "wicked" Jews they won't have to deal with anything else--say, like the chaos unfolding in a vowel-deficient "Stan".

This above all should be plangently and painfully clear: Zionhass has ruined the UN.

Update: Barry Rubin says the Zionhass is having more or less the same ravaging impact on the media and academia. Hardly surprising since, in whatever form it comes in, Jew-hate is a corrosive which eats away at the hater's moral centre (presuming he/she has one) and critical thinking abilities (again, presuming there are any), until there's nothing left but a hollowed-out husk of a hateful human.

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