Saturday, November 20, 2010

Animal House

Something else that is crying out to be "denormalized"--the way campus authorities have given way to "progressive" p.c. thugs. Here's Rex Murphy on the "norm" at Waterloo U, where Christie Blatchford (and free speech in general) were recently treated so ignominiously:
In any decent world, anybody who slung accusations and characterizations like this [i.e. that Blatchford is akin to Der Sturmer editor Julius Streicher] around with such factless and vicious abandon would be seen as unfit to be present in a university environment. These descriptions are an attempt to slaughter Christie Blatchford's reputation, and the University of Waterloo should be embarrassed and ashamed that such vile, hateful words should come from the mouths of one or more of its students. But, as I've said, the normalization of thuggish protest, and the ever inflated ugliness of the language that the "progressive" sect allows itself, has numbed everyone to the sense of how feral and nasty some of these so-called activists have become.
The new "normal" on Western campuses: it's a jungle out there, and the hyenas wreak havoc while the weasels and mice run for cover. (Time for a new--a campus-based--version of Orwell's Animal Farm, no?)

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Mohammed said...

These bullies do not represent my university. The University of Waterloo's student paper has made it amply clear that these folks are nothing more than an aberration:

UW releases apology for author cancellation:

From book discussion to protest:

UW student protestors force Blatchford away:

Blatchford “bullies” deserve expulsion:

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