Thursday, November 18, 2010

Science, Shmience

In an article in an online Canadian Muslim newspaper (where, fittingly enough, the link appears directly under the Campbell's halal soup ad), the Canadian Islamic Congress's Wahida Valiante writes about the raison d'etre for (Let's Rewrite) Islamic History Month. (Despite her best efforts to suppress it, glimmers of triumphalism still manage to shine through):
...During the inaugural year following Mr. BĂ©langer’s motion -- which was introduced and carried in the House of Commons on October 25, 2007 -- and also in 2008, 2009 and 2010, a number of Canadian cities proclaimed October as Islamic History Month in their civic jurisdictions. And the rest is history, as interest in IHMC continues to gain recognition and support. Through this intercultural experience we have witnessed that history is not only in books; it is a living experience and it is part of whatever one does. Since Canadian Muslims live in Canada, the celebration of IHMC is another facet of Canadian history in the making.

As an educational and cultural project conceived, developed and sponsored by the Canadian Islamic Congress, the objective of Islamic History Month is to motivate and inspire Canadian Muslims to annually share their history, heritage and culture with fellow Canadians.

The IHMC Advisory Board includes senators, public figures, academics, inter-faith activists and Muslim community leaders, who all play significant role in making sure that IHMC lives up to its mandate of sharing only the vast legacy of knowledge and skill passed down from earlier generations of Muslim scholars, scientists, artists, and philosophers.

Since becoming IHMC’s national chairperson four years ago, it has been my responsibility to select an annual focus theme on contemporary issues in consultation with our advisory board. The board’s other function is to assist in the selection of suitable guest speakers. This is a difficult task, since there may be many renowned scholars to choose from in a particular field, but few among them having any deep familiarity with Muslim contributions to their vocation. Most of all, it is important to remember that scientific and historical relationships which existed between Islamic and western civilizations still exist to this day.
Again with the Islamic "science". Again with the great debt the West owes (and has yet to pay; can never fully repay) to Islam.

Anyone else getting tired of this bunkum?

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