Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When People Think You're Conspiring Behind Closed Doors, Why Give 'Em Added Ammo?

There's a major scheme afoot to "restructure" various Jewish advocacy organizations (including the Ceej) out of existence in order to "streamline" everything. Only you, me and other Jews who do not belong to the Official Jewry Old Boy's Club will not be privy to the plan until after it has become a fait accompli.

Now, you, me and other Jews also know full well that there's no such entity as a panel of Jewish elders conspiring behind closed doors and drawing up their "protocols."  But how, well, stupid must these O.J.s be to have failed to consider how the "optics" (i.e. the utter lack of transparency) of this internecine power play would appear to the outside world?

Also--calling the scheme a "road map"? Really? Who's giving these Jews their P.R. advice--Hill & Knowlton?

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Paul said...

... story of the year here Scaramouche.

For some time now I've been an advocate of the creative destruction of all these so called Jewish organizations. (they're so rotten that the only way to save them is by starting over and learning from past mistakes.)

But I share your distrust cuz the way they're going about it just looks like it's going to be more of the same bullshit, just under new mismanagement.