Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Crazy' But Deadly

David Warren explains why we dismiss the 'crazies' who bestride the world stage at our peril (a lesson we should have learned long ago):
The "completely crazy guy" theory of history explains nothing, and is useless. Hitler was a crazy guy; Stalin was a crazy guy; Pol Pot was a crazy guy -- but mad only north-northwest. Often from a desperate position, they played brilliantly, cheated brilliantly.
One does not become a psychotic, totalitarian dictator without knowing all the weaknesses of half-decent folk, including the location of their Achilles heel. Our politicians are willing to appease even a madman, for the sake of peace. And even when peace is unavailable, those with insufficient moral starch will continue appeasing, in the hope of prolonging the appearance of peace.
Insufficent moral starch--if only you could dispel it with a spritz.

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