Friday, November 26, 2010

Brit O.J.s Pathetic, Self-Defeating

If you think Canada's Official Jewry has much to answer for--most recently, for example, the Ceej commended Liberal leader Twiggy (but not P.M. Stephen Harper) for telling the latest edition of the UN's Fiesta of Zionhass to take a hike--you may take comfort (small, cold comfort) from the fact that British O.J.s are far worse. At least Canadian O.J.s are strong Zionists. In benighted Albion, not only do the O.J.s not support Israel, they disparage non-Jews who do support it. Further, writes Melanie Phillips,
the ingrained servility of British Jewish leaders, who believe in working behind the scenes in trying to influence the great and the good rather than putting their heads above the parapet and making their case in public, explains why they have so conspicuously failed to stand up in public against the madness over Israel that has engulfed Britain and the west. But the reality is far, far worse than that. By endorsing the positions of those who are demonising and delegitimising Israel through echoing their distortions, decontextualisations and grotesquely inverted morality, it has now become clear that Britain’s most senior Jewish community leadersheep are simply, and tragically, on the wrong side.
"Leadersheep"--good one! And sheep is the operative word for Canadian Jews who support Twiggy's Libs, deluding themselves into thinking that, when push comes to shove, the man and his party won't tell the Jews and Israel to shove it.


Anonymous said...

Ezra did not get his facts right and hence you inadvertantly made a mistake. The ceej has an earlier press release commending the Tories

deboaned said...

Yes I noticed that too. Ezra may need a bit of a rest, he's getting things wrong lately.

Also,I am also on the B'nai Brith email list and it too sent out a statetment praising Iggy. Look I get the fact that you need to pat people on the back but Iggy and crew are constant followers we should remember that.