Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seditious Saudis Threaten Jews, the West

A BBC TV investigation has revealed that private Muslim schools in the U.K. are teaching the Saudi curriculum of Judenhass and sharia lore. The Brit response, of course, is to aver that such teachings have no place in the U.K., and that what's needed is for the government to keep better tabs on what's being taught in all faith schools. (Wouldn't want to "discriminate," right?) Melanie Phillips thinks that's bollocks, since these wacky Wahhabi-funded schools represent but one tiny aspect of the much larger Saudi game plan to undermine and Islamize the West:
What John Ware’s fine report has revealed is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg on which the UK Titanic has holed itself below the waterline. The most extreme material he discovered was in part-time weekend and evening Islamic schools, which are teaching from textbooks provided by Saudi Arabia and which teach the school curriculum of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is the wellspring of the Sunni Islam jihad against the free world. It is a foaming geyser of fanatical Islamic bigotry against unbelievers and especially Jews. It was Saudi Wahabbism that radicalised the Muslims of Pakistan who, when they immigrated in large number into Britain in the 1980s, accordingly imported with them jihadi educational institutions -- which then radicalised Muslim children born and bred in the UK and turned them into fanatics, often to the utter dismay of their parents.

Saudi Arabia isn’t just behind some part-time Muslim schools in Britain. It is funding Islamic studies at British universities, subverting the very basis of objective western scholarship by turning such courses into fanatical religious propaganda. Saudi Arabia is also funding extremist mosques in Britain. Saudi Arabia is also promoting sharia banking in Britain. Saudi Arabia is also helpfully establishing partnerships with more and more cash-strapped British and multinational companies.

In short, Saudi Arabia is buying up Britain and establishing within it an ever-expanding bridgehead for sedition in the furtherance of jihad and the ultimate goal of Islamisation. The most important measure to be taken to rid British schools of the scourge identified by John Ware is not to beef up Ofsted or improve ‘due diligence’ in enforcing English law against extremism. It is to ban all Saudi funding of such schools – indeed, to ban all Saudi funding of British educational and religious institutions.
 In Canada, too, please.

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