Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorry I Missed It

Imam Delic's sermon this past Sunday at the Ottawa Unitarian Church, that is:
Imam Delic was born in Bosnia. He holds a Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. His doctoral thesis focused on tasks and activities relevant to building bridges between the Canadian Muslim community and mainstream Canadian society, in hopes of creating more cohesive cooperation among all Canadians.

He has given hundreds of talks at colleges, universities, and embassies. Recently, he has become well known for a talk he did not give at a forum hosted by the Department of National Defense. He will speak with us about faith as a source of hope and not fear; the metaphor of openness of door, hands, heart, mind ... and yes, openness of faith.
Though not, alas, openness of speech. No, when you're trying ot "build bridges" an "create cohesiveness," that sort of thing won't do at all.

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