Monday, November 29, 2010

The Madness of Accosting Tots, Probing Granny's Cranies and the Next Reactive TSA Measure

Writes David Solway:
The real solution, of course, is to target the enemy rather than to react serially to his endless cascade of methods, procedures and contrivances. The real solution is to touch the enemy’s junket, not the passenger’s junk. The TSA, for example, obviously needs to hire well-trained and dedicated personnel. It must install fail-safe identity pre-screenings, a proper interrogation system similar to that successfully employed by the Israelis, and stringent profiling of the appropriate demographic. There is no other feasible solution to the dilemma. Both the wider civilian population and the terrorists know this. Only an administration seeking to appease not just its avowed assailants but its own radical base apparently does not, or, what is no less disturbing, is frankly unwilling to activate whatever dwindling resources of intelligence and dignity remain to it. From its perspective, it is preferable to be politically correct and dead rather than morally honest and alive—at least as far as its citizens are concerned.

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