Monday, February 29, 2016

Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban-ki Moon...

Yishai Fleisher pens an open letter to the UN's Sec'y-Gen. Meantime, I updated a Beach Boys hit for him:
Oh, ban, ban, ban, ban Ban-Ki Moon,
Ban, ban, ban, ban, Ban...
Oh, Ban-ki Moon,
You're such a loon,
Ban-ki Moon.
You're so obsessed with "occupation,"
What prevarication!, Ban-ki Moon
(Ban, ban, ban, Ban-ki Moon).

Tired of your dance
And the way you prance.
Anti-Zionism sees you hoist upon your lance,
Oh, Ban-ki Moon,
Ban, ban, ban, Ban-ki Moon.
UN's a den of poison;
So much spite and noise in
Ban-ki Moon,
Ban, ban, ban, Ban-ki Moon...

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