Thursday, February 25, 2016

Good Going!

Rubio slams Trump for Israel-Palestine "honest broker" goal

A pair of "honest brokers"?

Update: Then again, this doesn't sound like "honest broker" talk to me.

Update: Rubio nails it when he says:
The U.N. is obsessed with Israel. The U.N. doesn't do anything about Fidel Castro and Raoul Castro, the U.N. doesn't do anything about North Korea, but every week, they got a new resolution condemning Israel. That's the new face of anti-semitism in the world, is all these anti-Israeli actions. 
They just asked us to support them. Well, we have a president right now that treats the Prime Minister of Israel with less respect than what he gives the Ayatollah in Iran -- with less respect than he gives the Ayatollah.

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