Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Ironic!: In Honour of "Freedom to Read Week," PEN Canada Presents Obnoxious Israel-Despiser Max Blumenthal

Here's how the event is being promoted on the Toronto Public Library site:

PEN Canada presents Embattled Truths: Reporting on Gaza - ATRIUM

Wed Feb 24, 2016
7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
90 mins
Please note that seating for this event is now SOLD OUT and there is standing room only.

Searching for truth within the fog of war is particularly consequential in dispatches from Israel's occupied territories. Depending on where we get our news, Gaza is either a terrorist haven and a legitimate military target, or a zone of unjustified violence against a captive civilian population.

PEN Canada presents acclaimed US journalist Max Blumenthal, author of The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza on the challenges of sifting truth from propaganda when reporting on conflict in the Gaza Strip. With Toronto Star Foreign Affairs reporter Olivia Ward.

This event will be held in the ATRIUM of Toronto Reference Library and there is no cash bar.

Note: This event replaces Free Speech and Digital Warfare previously announced in What's On: Programs & Events at Your Library (January to March 2016).

$15 suggested donation. All proceeds go to PEN Canada.

Presented in partnership with Another Story Bookshop and Independent Jewish Voices in honour of Freedom to Read Week.

About the Author:

Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author whose articles and video documentaries have appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, The Nation, The Guardian, The Independent Film Channel, The Huffington Post,, Al Jazeera English and many other publications.

His book, Republican Gomorrah: Inside The Movement That Shattered The Party, was a New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller.

He blogs at
The irony that Israel is the only place in the Middle East where people have the freedom to read is obviously lost on malicious Max and the other blood libel-purveying leftists.

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