Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wackadoodle TV Cleric Dr. Israr Ahmad Is Dead and Gone But His Pernicious Jew-Hate Lives On

Dr. Israr Ahmad: now, there's a name I haven't heard in years.

Ahmad, in case you were wondering, was the Yoda-esque cleric from Pakistan whose show I happened to catch on TV one rainy Saturday back in 2007. The program was called Dil Dil Pakistan and was broadcast on Vision TV, a channel devoted to "diversity" and "multiculturalism." The episode I saw featured Ahmad seated behind a super-sized Koran: I mean the thing was absolutely gargantuan. Peering first into the massive volume and then looking into the camera, he intoned some words that I never expected to hear on the telly. He said that it was the duty of Muslims to "wage jihad" physically, with their bodies. And if they couldn't wage it that way it was incumbent upon them to wage it via their pocketbooks, i.e. by financing the jihad.

Hmm, thought I to myself. It cannot be, even here in the most multicultural city in the world (so-called), that an imam is allowed to preach violent jihad over the airwaves.

The rest, as they say, is history, as the National Post's Stewart Bell took up the story, it became something of a cause célèbre, and Dr. Ahmad made an ignominious exit from Vision TV.

Somewhat later, our usefully idiotic, politically correct broadcast standards body (the CBSC) ruled that, all things considered, there was really nothing wrong with a Muslim cleric preaching violent jihad on the tube as long as--I kid you not--he did so "in the context" of the Koran. (Which begs the obvious question: isn't all violent jihad waged "in the context" of the Koran?)

The only reason I harken back to this stuff is because I just read this in the Jerusalem Post:
The British broadcasting authority on Monday warned an Islamic television channel to cease airing anti-Semitic programming or face sanctions, according to a report published by The Jewish Chronicle.

The Office of Communications, better known as Ofcom, which is the government-approved regulatory authority for broadcasting in the UK, said that the Islamic-centric television channel Peace TV Urdu was in breach of its standards after it cited two recorded lectures aired on its telecast late last year.

In September 2015, Peace TV Urdu aired two programs featuring the late Dr. Israr Ahmad, who stated that Jewish people were "like a cancer" and held a deep hostility towards the prophet Mohammed.

“They do not take advantage of the opportunity to repent, which is why they are afflicted by great calamities," Ahmad said, adding, "and the example is what happened to them at the hands of the Germans.”

He continued by stating that Jews consider gentiles as "animals with a human face.”

In response, Ofcom released a statement saying that the lectures in effect “promote highly negative antisemitic stereotypes about and attitudes towards Jewish people.”

The statement added: “In our view the terms used to describe Jewish people such as ‘like a cancer’, ‘evil genius,’ ‘their poison,’ ‘cursed people’, ‘cursed race’ were particularly strong and inflammatory.”

In reply to Ofcom's findings, Club TV, which holds the licensing rights for Peace TV Urdu, told the government watchdog it “sincerely regretted” the choice of programming aired on its network and that it would not repeat them. 
Hey, Ofcom, he was doing it all "in the context" of the Koran--so what's the problem? (That's me being cheeky and channeling the CBSC).

The salient point is this: as in the case of Anwar Al-Awlaki, the now dead-and-gone cleric (he was wacked by the Americans) whose videos continue to inspire wannabe jihadis, Dr. Israr Ahmad's hateful teachings will, alas, continue to live on long after this hate-monger's earthly demise.

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