Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ban Ki-Moon to Encourage Justin Trudeau to Return to the Bad Old Days of Funding UNRWA

Ban is planning to talk up climate change and Syrian refugees--along with UNRWA funding--when he (dis)graces us with his presence tomorrow:
His talks with Trudeau will also focus on renewing Canada's funding to the UN Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA that was frozen in 2013. 
 UNRWA has been hit by one of the biggest funding shortfalls of all UN agencies. 
The UN chief will encourage Canada to become a bigger contributor to UN peacekeeping and "come back to the way it used to be" during the days of former prime minister Lester Pearson, considered the architect of modern peacekeeping.
Ban, clever boots that he is, knows exactly which buttons to push--i.e. "Pearson" and "peacekeeping"--to get Sonny Boy Trudeau onside with the UN agenda. As anyone with even a lick of common sense knows, however, most of what the UN touches--UNRWA and "peacekeeping" included--turns into utter shite.

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Will MFS said...

In a nod to 44-year-old Trudeau, who also serves as minister of youth, Ban is taking his youth envoy Ahmad Alhendawi of Jordan along for the visit.

I'm sure they'll love each others company.