Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Saudi Arabia's "Morality Police" Arrest Sweet Shop Mascot Who Revealed "Too Much Skin"

The "skin" in question happens to be made of velour, but you can understand the thinking of Wahhabi "morality" cops who don't want real live human chicks to be inspired by the mascot to engage in uppity, anti-sharia antics.

Cartoon capers: This mascot was arrested by Saudi's morality police for wearing a costume depicting a woman showing skin in an apparent breach of the country's strict Islamic dress code
Put that chick in a burqa, stat!


Frances said...

Aren't they the same guys who pushed schoolgirls back into their burning school and left them to die because they hadn't had time to don their body bags?

scaramouche said...

They ARE the same guys--with the same "exacting" standards for mascots and human chicks alike.