Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Is the Liberal Government Getting Set to Restore Funding to Hamas-Abetting UNRWA?

I can find no official confirmation that the funding's a go, but two recent items suggest that it's a component of the clueless Trudeaupians plans.
First, there's this exchange which took place in the House of Commons last Friday:
Mr. Speaker, in 2014, UNRWA schools and hospitals were used by Hamas terrorists to store rockets. In fact, their staff even gave Hamas these same rockets back. That is just one of the reasons why the Conservatives proudly defunded UNRWA. 
As part of a plan to fight ISIS, the government is proudly providing $15 million to this organization. By including this funding as part of an anti-ISIS plan, is the Liberal government saying that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a root cause of the rise of ISIS? Does the minister believe that this is actually the case? Yes or no. 
Mr. Speaker, there is a lot of speculation here and there about what the plan will be.
The plan will be there to fight the terrorist group. The plan will be there to support our allies, including Israel. The plan will be there to support all of these populations in the fight against terrorism that count on Canada and our allies. This plan will be more effective than ever. 
Notice how the slippery Stephane doesn't answer yes and doesn't answer no. However, as evidenced by this, is seems clear that UNRWA funding is a-coming:
In a separate report, the Globe and Mail newspaper said the Liberals are expected to provide $15 million in annual funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which was set up in 1950 to help Palestinian refugees, after the former Conservative government phased out $30 million in annual funding to the agency by 2013.
I would like to take a moment to thank each and every Canadian Jew who voted for these bandits because you--yes, you!--bear some personal responsibility for helping fund the enemies of the Jewish people in their ongoing Jewliminationist schemes.
Kudos--and curses--to you all!

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