Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Canadian Government Has Evolved Such That It Understands That Israel-Hate IS Jew-Hate. The Globe and Mail's Patrick Martin, On the Other Hand...Not So Much

Poor old out-to-lunch Pat (although not, presumably, at one of the many Aroma cafes in and around the Toronto area). He's still pushing the Israel-loathers' tapped out narrative that the Israel-hate and Jew-hate are mutually exclusive. His cluelessness (or is it malice?) is so pathetic, and he remains so steadfast in his embrace of the Israel-is-evil narrative, that he can't see the toxic blossom of hate even when it is obvious and palpable (and it stinks)--as it is (and does) here (my bolds):
Is it unfair to single out Israel?
This was another popular refrain in Parliament – that the BDS movement’s singling out Israel from among all nations is proof of its anti-Semitic nature. 
Yes, the BDS campaign singles out Israel, quite naturally. It was started by a group of Palestinians, including Mr. Barghouti, to elicit help in dealing with Palestinians’ biggest problems. It was not intended to solve all the problems of the world. Just as the worldwide campaign against apartheid in South Africa did not address the ills of the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia, or the dictatorship in Somalia, this BDS movement is uniquely tailored to safeguarding Palestinian rights. 
The fact that this anti-BDS parliamentary motion passed is ridiculous, says Diana Buttu, a Canadian-born Arab Israeli and former adviser to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas. 
“Canada follows international law and correctly labels Israel’s colonization of the West Bank as illegal,” she notes. “BDS aims to hold Israel accountable for its illegal acts,” she points out, “yet the government passes a resolution condemning those who aim to uphold international law and Canadian foreign policy?” 
“It’s nuts,” Ms. Buttu said...
You know what's "nuts," Ms. Buttu? The fact that you either can't or won't acknowledge how some people have finally woken up to the false equation linking Israel to apartheid-era South Africa. Because by now it is abundantly clear that the reason the comparison is drawn is to make support for Israel morally indefensible so that its destruction can be justified on moral grounds.

You know what else is "nuts"? The fact that Patrick Martin thinks that you, a mouthpiece for that vicious Jew-hater/Zion-despiser Mahmoud Abbas, should be heeded as a virtuous and impartial voice.

And it's not only "nuts," it's hysterically funny.

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