Saturday, February 27, 2016

Trump Fails the Litmus Test for Leadership--Twice

Failure #1: his claim that he will be able to broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinians provided he doesn't take sides. Trump rival Rubio rips to shreds the notion that "neutrality" is not only called for but is the key to success here.

Failure #2: Trump took the wrong side in the Steyn-Mann imbroglio and doesn't seem too interested in preserving the First Amendment. Here's Steyn on the subject:
Trump has now pledged to strengthen the libel laws to favor the plaintiff in suits against the media. So his Tweet siding with Michael E Mann against me does not appear to be an accidental aberration. Thus in November America seems likely to have a choice between two candidates who want to rein in the First Amendment: I didn't see that one coming, although,what with his years of delaying tactics and general obstructionism, evidently Mann did. Judging from responses to Senator Ben Sasse's Twitter feed, principled supporters of free speech are somewhat thin on the ground.
I know there are lots of people on the right who adore Trump and think he's the answer to their prayers.

Not me.

With his jutting chin, braying voice and strong arm tactics, he reminds me of Benito Mussolini--with a bad comb-over.



Old Sailor Man said...

That's not Musso, it's George Patton, or maybe George C. Scott.

scaramouche said...

This one's the real deal: