Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Democrats' Orwellian Dictum: All Delegates Are Equal, But Some Delegates (the "Super" Ones) Are More Equal Than Others

Don't the kids supporting a Bernie Sanders "revolution" realize that their enthusiasm and support is all for naught because the Democratic Party's egregiously undemocratic delegate policy has stacked the deck (to vastly understate what's occurring) in favour of Mrs. C.?

Here's a succinct description of the deck-stacking, courtesy Mark Steyn:
Speaking of Bernie, because of the openly corrupt nominating process in the Democrat Party, he's getting stiffed in the delegate count by the so-called "super-delegates" who are pre-pledged to Hillary. So, even though he tied her in Iowa and whumped her 60-38 in the New Hampshire primary, she's leading with 468 delegates to 53. The slugs who run the party loathe their voters and rig the system to render it a sham
Hey, Bernie Babies: you say you want a revolution, well, alright. But first you'd better "revolutionize" your party's "super"-duper insanity. (If Republicans engaged in such antics it's a slam-dunk that the media would be having conniptions about it. But since it's the Democrats, the media's pets, the corruption is copacetic.)

Update: Here's the song:

You say you want a revolution?
Well, you know
"Hopenchange" is not the way.
He bellows, "I have the solution."
Well, you know,
That's what politicians say.
But when you talk up Socialism
Don't you know that it can never work?
Don't you know it's sure to be like Greece?
Don't you know it's sure to be like Greece?

He's calling for redistribution,
Well, alright,
That's the Socialistic spiel.
He's looking for some retribution
'Cuz for him it's a big deal.
But, silly kids, your saviour's bound to fail:
Those "super-delegates" will soon prevail.
Don't you know it's sure to be a bust?
Don't you know it's sure to be a bust?...

Update: This is so true:
Bernieism is concocted of equal parts of class envy, economic illiteracy, and a touching faith in government to lead us to Marx’s golden age where no one works and we all frolic in the sun.
"Touching"--and fatal.

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