Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Two Jewish Parents Respond to Zionhass at York U.

Here's parent #1:

Enroll at York

Re: Jewish Group Attacks York University, Feb. 18; A Formerly Proud Alumnus, letter to the editor, Feb. 22.I must disagree with the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal and letter writer Joel L. Hertz about the best way to deal with the current anti-Israel sentiment on campus. I would do the opposite, and encourage both Jewish and non-Jewish students who are willing to stand up for religious freedom, democracy and Israel to attend York University. 
Agencies such as the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal should ensure that these students have the support and resources they will need to bring a more balanced view to the campus. Asking Jewish students to stay away from York plays right into the hands of the anti-Israel faction and will result in a university that is Judenrein. Some day I hope to again be proud to say that both my daughters are graduates of York University.
Judith Weinroth, Toronto.
Here's parent #2, i.e. me:
As a parent who is getting ready to send off her one and only youngster to university this coming fall, I, unlike letter-writer Judith Weinroth, am delighted that York University is not among his selections.
Oh, it's not that I think that the Israel-hate, which I see as the Jew-hate of time, is any more pervasive or pernicious there than at other universities: it is clear that Israel's enemies are relentless, and they have chosen post-secondary institutions as ground zero in their all-out agit-prop war against the Jewish State. It's just that any time there's an anti-Israel incident on campus comes to the media's attention, York authorities seem to deal with it in such a wishy-washy and, yes, even weaselly manner--by downplaying the hatred and championing the "rights" of the haters.
For that reason, I simply do not trust them to ensure the safety of any student who, like my son, happens to be vocally and vociferously pro-Israel.

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