Friday, February 12, 2016

Justin Trudeau and Ban Ki-Moon Take Their Bromance to an Ottawa High School

The kids went wild, of course, an enthusiasm that wasn't quelled when, during a Q&A, one of 'em managed to sound smarter than our "sunny" PM (not that that's hard to do):
Adam Gutai, a Grade 12 student who asked about the environment, said Trudeau’s answer was good, but he would have liked more detail. 
“There were some finer details I would have liked him to clarify on … exactly how one transfers an economy that’s based on fossil fuels to renewable energies,” he said. "But overall, he knows a lot about the subject, so I appreciate the answer."
The devil, as they say, is in the finer details--but why go and stink up the joint with the whiff of sulfur when love, sweet love is in the air?:
The secretary-general was effusive in his praise of Trudeau, who has pledged that Canada will re-engage at the UN. 
“He has a vision. Canada has a greater and better future under his leadership,” Ban told the crowd.
OMG, just get a room, you two.

The look of love is in his eyes...

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