Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Liberal M.P. Warns Jews: Shut Up, Start Groveling and Stop Harping on Israel--Or Else

A sickening exhortation from a member of one certified "victim" group (one whose power is in ascendance) to another "victim" group (whose cachet is in serious decline; my bolds):
MONTREAL – The Jewish community should stop fighting the battles of the last federal election and accept that a Liberal government is in power, Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather advised a Montreal Jewish audience on Feb. 8. 
He said the community should be respectful in its dealings with the government and avoid labelling it as anti-Israel or anti-Semitic, which is false and counter-productive. 
“Impugning the government because of one word in a press release has to end, because it is not effective… Stopping the rhetoric is how we will achieve the most,” Housefather said at a meeting organized by the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research, described by founder Frederick Krantz as an independent pro-Israel think-tank now in its 28th year.
Housefather said it would also be wise for Jews to show the government they care about other issues in addition to Israel, which they do...

We have "to show the government" that "we care" about other things?

And if we don't--are they going to ship us off the reeducation camp? Deport us?

Of course, Horsefeathers didn't say. However, he did have something to say when an uppity Jew had the temerity to question the influence of Omar Alghabra, a Zion-loathing Trudeau advisor who holds a high position at foreign affairs:
Housefather answered that Aghabra (sic) is one of three such secretaries to [Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane] Dion, and that his only responsibility is consular relations. 
“His influence [on policy] is limited. I looked into the allegations against him, and most are false… all were before 2004,” Housefather said. 
“CIJA [the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs} met him, and he affirmed his support for the government policy on Israel.”
Well, if CIJA vetted him, he must be okay. ;) (Please note how Official Jewry has already heeded Liberal warnings and assumed the groveling posture.)

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