Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Denmark Bans Marriage for Under-18s--But Will It Stick?

Why would Denmark see fit to do such a thing?

Isn't it obvious?
The action is seen as a response to an Integration Ministry report from last year that revealed that there are 27 minors in the Danish asylum system who have spouses or registered partners. According to an earlier report in Metroxpress, female asylum seekers as young as 14 had entered the country married to men who are ten or more years their elder.  
This led to an outcry about the so-called ‘child brides’ and an order from Integration Minister Inger StĂžjberg to physically separate the couples
Will it stick? I doubt it:
However, the government reversed course seven months later and reunited the married couples when the Danish Immigration Service was forced to acknowledge that the policy was likely a violation of the asylum seekers’ rights. 
Asylum seekers' "rights" being paramount in the clueless West, I see this one falling by the wayside pretty quickly.

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