Thursday, March 30, 2017

Germany's Residual Guilt Over the Holocaust Is Bad for the Living Jews of Israel

It's a coping mechanism, to be sure--lamenting the Holocaust while shafting the Jewish state by turning the Palestinians into the "new" Jews, and giving a "human rights"/"peace" prize to Mahmoud Abbas:
Thanks to dozens of years of institutionalized anti-Israel attitudes, biased and sometimes even false media reports, and an education system that indoctrinates generations of Germans with anti-Israel propaganda, the Palestinians led by Mahmoud Abbas are seen by the German public as unfortunate victims bearing olive branches for peace, while the Israelis led by Benjamin Netanyahu (and all his predecessors from the right and the left) are considered to be cruel occupiers, murderous oppressors, and warmongers.
All these years later in Germany, it's the living Jews who are still the problem. 

You would think that at least some Germans would twig to the fact there there's something seriously wrong (and, dare one point out, atavistic?) with that sort of thinking.

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