Friday, March 3, 2017

Time to Revisit the Muslim Brotherhood's Immigration Strategy

Lest we forget, Earl Cox reminds us what it's all about (and, no, it doesn't involve "yuge" walls or "extreme" vetting):
In the Muslim Brotherhood’s 1991 “General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America,” purposeful Muslim immigration is Stage One of radical Islam’s battle against the West and Western values. The 1987 Muslim Brotherhood Project presents Islam as a “civilization alternative” supporting a “global Islamic State” through jihad ...“to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within, and to sabotage its miserable house…so it is eliminated…so that Islam is victorious over all other religions.” Islam is on a global caliphate mission with a country-by-country political strategy of subjugation in four stages beginning with immigration (“settlement”) and population expansion. The second stage is “consolidation of power”—via demands for deferential treatment, religious accommodation, judicial, cultural and educational non-integration, and covert efforts to destroy the host society from within. This is achieved by undermining the power base of non-Muslims and their religions, especially Jews and Christians. The third stage is “Open War.” The fourth is transformation of the host state to an Islamic theocracy under sharia law, which denies and destroys non-Muslims’ rights, freedoms, religions, culture, worship and populations. Most global jihadist organizations embrace this theology, including Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian militants who threaten Israel from the southwest, north and from its own heartland, squeezing her forcibly from three sides.

The only two countries that acknowledge radical Islam’s goal of a worldwide caliphate are Israel and the United States, though political correctness misleads some. Israel is a Jewish state and the United States historically was founded on Judeo-Christian values. In democracies, immigrants are free to live and worship as they choose, but not to unravel the fabric of the society, culture and country that has welcomed them. Democracy’s "melting pot" doesn’t mix with radical Islam, because Islam and freedom cannot coexist.
In Canada soon (with the passage of time following the passage of an anti-Islamophobia motion), such harsh truths may well be considered "Islamophobia"/"hate" speech, which, when you think about it, is perfectly in synch with the MuBros' strategy. (The Brothers don't seem to have factored in the role that infidels' useful idiocy would play in furthering its goals, but, clearly, it's helping to move things along at a much faster pace.)

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