Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jews Are Called "Rodents" at Ontario University; Feckless Authorities "Investigate"

This one tells you everything you need to know about how "multiculturalism" and "social justice" have been hijacked by Islamic supremacists to serve their own insidious agenda (my bolds):
After a message comparing Jews to rodents was posted on Facebook in honor of an anti-Israel event at an Ontario university, administrators vowed this week to investigate and take action against the perpetrators. 
“We don’t know yet if any of our students were involved, but we are looking at the incident and will follow our code of conduct if we find that they were,” said University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) vice president of external relations Susan McGovern about the school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine celebrating online, following the covering up of an Israeli flag with its Algerian counterpart at an on-campus multicultural language festival on Thursday.
Here comes the "feckless" part:
Following last week’s incident, UOIT’s president issued a statement reviewing the university’s values, so as to “remind ourselves of who we are.” 
Last year, the administration publicly said that it does not support the anti-Israel BDS movement, after the UOIT student association banned the campus’s only pro-Israel group, Hasbara Fellowships, from participating in Social Justice Week. (The incident is currently under review by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal).
"Who we are"? Well, for one thing, "we"--or, rather, you--are a hotbed of Islamic Jew-hate.

Something else that's "feckless"--and abundantly foolish: submitting a complaint to Ontario's anti-democratic "human rights" gendarmes. (What will it take for Jews to clue in that, in the pecking order of victim groups--Muslims, Blacks, LGBT, etc.--we're waaay down the list?)

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