Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Liberals' Anti-"Islamophobia" Motion As a "Wedge" Issue

Why all the commotion over the motion?

It's because of where it is bound to lead (my bolds):
 Let’s be clear: the passage of this motion will not restrict freedom of speech at present. This is only a motion, not a bill that would enact law if passed. But it is a significant first step in the wrong direction. 
 Many Liberal politicians and columnists have tried to play down the danger to freedom of speech. But it is entirely disingenuous for people like MP Michael Chong and others to insist this motion will be harmless.  
They all know that before bills are introduced in Parliament they are quite often studied at committee level. 
 The danger lies in setting the stage for a government committee to come back eight months from now and recommending an actual bill that will have restrictive and dangerous limitations on free speech.   
Indeed, anyone who legitimately wants to critique Islam as a religion and a political force will likely be muzzled, censored and victimized by federal and provincial human rights commissions. 
 No, not as a direct result of M-103, but what it is designed to achieve. Passing this motion is like allowing the proverbial camel to get his head into the door of the tent...
It is also the proverbial thin edge of the wedge.

So to speak.

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