Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why There's No Broadway Show Called "The Book of Koran"

With new anti-blasphemy/anti-Islamophobia laws potentially in the offing (courtesy the passage of M-103), the Toronto Sun's Anthony Furey kicks back and watches a blasphemous Broadway production:
The other week I finally got the chance to see the hit musical The Book of Mormon. It was hilarious and also extremely blasphemous. 
North American culture largely accepts that most religions, particularly Christian sects, are fair game for mockery and ridicule. We’re nowhere near at that point yet when it comes to Islam, which has an increasing presence in our communities. 
Muslims themselves, for the most part, certainly aren’t there yet. Good luck getting away with a satirical musical about the life of Muhammad.
A satirical musical about the life of Muhammad? Heck, you can't even get away with drawing some satirical 'toons about the bloke.

Not if you care to keep your head attached to your torso, that is.

Acceptable (and hazard-free) "blasphemy": mocking Mormons.

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