Friday, March 3, 2017

Should Jews Support Canada's Anti-"Islamophobia" Motion?: A "Debate" In the CJN

You can find it here. And this is the letter I wrote in response:
The fundamental problem with M-103 is the word "Islamophobia" itself. As of now, there is no consensus as to what it really means. Iqra Khalid, the MP sponsoring the motion, defines it as "the irrational hate of Muslims that leads to discrimination," ignoring, of course, the fact that some Muslims are waging violent jihad against the infidel, and that manifesting concern regarding their likely actions is not only not irrational, it is the height of sanity.
To the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization often credited with inventing the term, however, accusing someone of "Islamophobia" is an effective way to silence all criticism of Islam (because, as they understand it, Islam is perfect and therefore unassailable), and to  ensure that any examination of problematic aspects of the faith that give rise to holy war and the built-in inequities of sharia law remains beyond the pale.

The most sensible approach, it seems to me, is to avoid using the word altogether (since it is loaded, and since no one can agree on its meaning) and to condemn hatred against all groups, including Muslims and Jews (who, despite the horrific bloodshed at a Quebec City mosque, remain the number one target of hate crimes in Canada--and by a wide margin).

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Jaxter said...

Mindy, I believe that Jews remain the number one target of hate crimes in the US and Europe too.

Jack Shore