Thursday, March 2, 2017

Silicon Valley a Bastion of Frat Boy Misogyny, Rape Culture? I'm Shocked, Shocked, I Say

In other words, this doesn't shock me at all:
What’s hard to believe is the extent to which this behavior exists in an industry that prides itself on doing everything better, cooler, and more inclusive than ever before. Far from the stodgy, old boy practices of bankers, Silicon Valley should be the antithesis of fart-joking bros. They should see gender and color as blindly as first graders, pay men and women the same for the same work, and have no tolerance for misogyny or sexual harassment. 

While Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and now Tesla have faced accusations of gender discrimination, the problem seems even worse with the smaller and younger entrants given their lack of structures, rules, and human resources departments. They often lack an obvious “parent in the room” to consult in sticky situations...
An unfortunate use of the word "sticky," no?

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