Sunday, March 26, 2017

"Free Speech"? Ha! Fee Speech, More Like

A Toronto Sun "guest columnist" notes that it's hard to call it "free speech" when you're forced to pony up big bucks for "security":
We want people to pursue and debate ideas based on what they think, not on what they can afford. 
Why is it, then, that at publicly-funded universities across Canada, it’s become acceptable for university administrators to charge a security fee to student groups based on how controversial the speakers they invite to campus are? 
Of course these groups can invite speakers for virtually no cost if they aren’t controversial. 
But to put on an event where the speaker challenges conventional opinions or makes people intellectually uncomfortable, you’d better have deep pockets.
In our "blasphemy"-averse Trudeaupia, and especially on today's university campuses, "controversial" is a euphemism for conservative, and freedom's just another word for "pay up or shut up."

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