Friday, March 10, 2017

It's Like "Come From Away"--But With a Novel Chi-Com Twist

One of the creators of the 9/11 musical (okay, it's actually about how the folks of Gander, Newfoundland opened their homes and hearts to hordes of weary travelers when airplanes were grounded on that date) touts a new musical project, one that will also feature a uniquely Canadian p.o.v.:
To Rubinoff, musicals like Senza Luce and Come From Away are the products of a distinctly Canadian perspective. 
"We see the world globally," says Rubinoff. He's eager to get his students involved in Bartram's next musical project, about Norman Bethune, the Canadian doctor who helped the Chinese communists under Mao Zedong.   
"This will be the first Canadian-Chinese musical to ever be developed," says Rubinoff.  
"And something we hope will be as popular in China as it will be in Canada, in both languages."
Can't hardly wait for the showstopper sung by the Mao character: "I'm Just a Boy Who Can't Say No (to Mass Murder)."

"The Hill are Alive With the Sound of Useful Idiocy"?

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