Thursday, March 9, 2017

Phyllis Chesler Blasts Feminist Strikers' Israel-Hate

The focus on/obsession with Israel serves a useful purpose, says Chesler. It allows the likes of Linda Sarsour to divert attention away from the often terrible plight of women living under Islamic law. And even though the tactic was developed way back when by the Soviets (who are now defunct), for those looking for easy answers and inclined to blame someone for all the bad stuff in the world, it is as appealing as ever:
The anti-Israel messaging promoted by organizers of Wednesday’s International Women’s Strike marks a continuation of a “poisoned propaganda effort” that began after the young nation won the 1967 Six-Day War in self-defense, a leading American Jewish feminist told The Algemeiner
The goal of that campaign, which was initiated by the Soviet Union, Arab League and the Palestinians, was to “infiltrate an already receptive Left with the view that Israel was an imperialist, colonialist enterprise,” Dr. Phyllis Chesler — an emerita professor of psychology at City University of New York and a best-selling author — said. 
“In the academic world, it became very trendy and politically correct to champion the purity of tyrants, terrorists and barbarians and women’s rights and women’s issues started being used to inflame hatred of one state only, the Jewish state,” Chesler noted. 
“With this fake focus on Palestinian rights, what’s being completely forgotten are the honor killings, forced face-veilings, child marriages, female genital mutilation and polygamy — not to mention the arrests, torture and murders of feminist and gay rights activists, both male and female — in the Islamic world,” Chesler went on to say.  
“America and Israel are far from perfect on women’s rights. But compared to countries where women live under sharia law, they are shining cities on a hill.” 
Furthermore, Chesler said, “To have a strike with leaders like [anti-Israel activist] Linda Sarsour and [convicted Palestinian terrorist] Rasmea Odeh, it is beyond the pale.”... 
Ironically, though, it is not beyond the veil.

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