Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Iggy's Weasel Words

He can't help it. He can't take a clear moral stance. He's a Liberal. Writes David Frum re Twiggy's spineless equivocations at the anti-Judenhass confab:
Ignatieff talked movingly of visiting the firebombed Talmud Torah dayschool in Montreal in 2006. Fine. Good. He then immediately mentioned that he had also visited a mosque that had its windows broken. Also fine, we can all agree it's wrong to vandalize mosques too. OK. But why mention the one immediately after the other? What relationship did these two events have to each other?
Would Ignatieff follow a description of an attack on a synagogue with a condemnation of crime by motorcycle gangs? A lament for bullied gay teens? That would be a clanging non-sequitur, another topic for another comment. Yet in the mind of Ignatieff's team, anti-Semitism apparently cannot be condemned without immediately and equally condemning anti-Muslim prejudice. That's an interesting reflex, isn't it? It suggests that someone is afraid of overdoing the anti-Semitism thing, somebody wants to balance condemnations of anti-Semitism lest anti-Semitism get more than its fair share of attention.
The very definition of a Canucki Liberal--alway seeking and never finding an e'er elusive "balance." Depend on him to come through for you at your peril.

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