Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inappropriate Ad Placement Puts Google at Odds With Okies

An article about Oklahoma banning sharia law features this google ad:
Islamic loans in Canada Ads by Google Looking for home financing that is compliant with Islamic values?
Tee hee.

Oklahoma--isn't that the state where "Christian" Timothy McVeigh blew up a building, thereby giving apologists for Islamic terrorism a name to trot out whenever one of the faithful does something explosive? And isn't it also the name of a famous musical which has a theme song that goes like this?

Where the folks have banned a sweeping law.
One it's plain to see
Means tyranny
And should make freedom's fans guffaw.
Ev'ry time a terrorist explodes
They will find a way
To raise McVeigh
And how his actions paved their roads.
We know they hate democracy
And are pushing their theocracy.
So when we say, "No way,
Allah's law cannot stay, 'kay?"
We're only sayin',
"No sharia, Oklahoma,
Hit the road now, am-scray"

Update: CAIR sings, "Oh, the kafir and sharia should be friends..."

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