Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Joanne Hill Scoops the London Media

There were plenty of journalists on hand for Mark Steyn's speech in London, Ontario last week. But only one of them--the Jewish Trib's Joanne Hill--managed to snag an interview with the "controversial" "Islamophobe":
...In his speech, Steyn warned that Western civilization is “deeply into decline.” He said an extended educational system has resulted in fewer technological and scientific advances and a lower fertility rate, “and it is one reason why the entire Western world now has, in effect, outsourced its future.”

Steyn is a Canadian who makes his home in New Hampshire. His newest book is Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech and the Twilight of the West. In 2007, the Canadian Islamic Congress filed complaints against Maclean’s magazine with the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Ontario and the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal after Maclean’s published an excerpt from Steyn’s book, America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It. The former complaint was dismissed and the latter resulted in a not guilty verdict in 2008.

Steyn told the Jewish Tribune, “I’m in favour of speech being protected by the normal laws of the criminal code. If you say something libelous, if you make an explicit death threat... then I think that you should be prosecuted for that. But hate crime stuff is where you put a layer of feeling and emotion on top and those things do not belong in a courtroom. I'm sorry if a guy says the Holocaust never happened but the way to deal with Holocaust denial is to heap derision on him, abuse him, mock him, hoot and jeer at him, but to have some jumped-up government statist hack haul him into a courtroom makes a mockery of equality before the law and I’ve got no part in that.”...
Me neither. That hate crime stuff is for the birds--and the "human rights" Commissars and the victim group impresarios.

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