Thursday, November 11, 2010

Look Who's Trashing Remembrance Day

NOW Magazine for one. Supremacist Muslims in the U.K. for another.

(Lefty) misery loves (Islamist) company, as they say.


Jason said...

Here's quote from a dimwit, from the NOW article:

"Peace activist Jan Slakov has been making white poppies and handing them out for free. She says the campaign is designed to promote the power of non-violence.

“There is so much we forget on Remembrance Day,” she says, on the phone from Saltspring Island in BC. “We only remember the soldiers who were wearing our uniforms. But there’s no black-and-white in war. Atrocities are committed on all sides. And many of the people who save lives in wartime aren’t in uniform.”

OMFG. I didn't hear about any WWII Canadian version of the Einsatzgruppen, those fun-loving SS mobile mass killing units. They merrily slaughtered all 3300 Jews in my ancestral 2 days.

scaramouche said...

The dead wood version of NOW has a one of those peace-y white poppies that it urges readers to paste onto cardboard and cut out. Not that NOW has any moral authority, given that it's a radical leftist rag/whore directory.