Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Multiculti Jersey Shore

There's only one "Guido" and no "Guidettes" on "Lake Shore,"  the Hogtown knock off of that Snooki show--more's the pity. From the Globe and Mail:
Ah, Canada, the cultural mosaic, we should be so proud.
Produced by Montreal’s Maryam Rahimi of Sunrise Multimedia and director George Tsioutsioulas of Thatguy Productions, the show follows the sloppy, hard-partying antics of eight migrant Canadians, including The Turk (Sibel), The Italian (Joey), The Vietnamese (Anni Mei), The Czech (Tommy), The Jew (Robyn), the Lebanese (Salem), The Pole (Karolina), and the Albanian (who calls himself Downtown D).

A few highlights from the mouths of the Lake Shore cast? Sibel, the Turk, says “I’m not racist. I hate everyone equally – especially Jewish people.” Another sizzler from Downtown D: “You can be gay, as long as you don’t get anywhere near me.”
Yikes. Sounds like a human rights complaint (or five) in the making.

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