Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rights Crowd A-OK With Pervy 'Security' Theatrics

Some imam gets "profiled" and the ACLU flips out. But where, asks Ezra Levant, is the rights types' outrage now that airport "security" has turned into a grope-o-rama?
Right now, North America’s official civil libertarians are too busy campaigning for the rights of terrorists to care about the fact millions of Americans — and Canadian tourists — are being sexually assaulted.
Without a trace of irony, the TSA says its officers are “rigorously trained to maintain the highest levels of professionalism.”

A perusal of the TSA’s help wanted ads shows just how rigorously trained they are: Their “officers” need to be 18 years old and speak English.
It also helps if you have a "feel" for the job. (Ba da bum)

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