Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So-Called 'Legitimate Criticism' or Dyed-in-the-Wool Zionhass?

It has taken quite a while for folks to wake up to the fact that Zionhass (the irrational, obsessive loathing of the world's one and only Jewish state) is the latest incarnation of Judenhass ("the longest hatred"). There are those, however (you can find them in this Globe and Mail report by Gloria Galloway) who didn't get that disturbing memo and prefer to remain asleep:

As politicians from around the world meet in Ottawa to debate the so-called “new anti-Semitism,” which they say is manifested in unjust and excessive criticism of Israel, a group called Independent Jewish Voices has released a video that says the premise of the conference is an attack on freedom of speech.

In addressing the conference Monday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Israel may be subject to fair criticism but it is “consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation” and that is the face of the new anti-Semitism.

Ms. Ralph, on the other hand, said she has yet to hear the Conservative government and the opposition Liberals accept any criticism of Israel as legitimate. “They have been the most staunch cheerleaders for everything that Israel has done that has been condemned internationally,” she said.

Condemned internationally--by the most egregiously Zion-loathing body in the world, the UN, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, that body's largest and therefore most influential voting bloc, and Dar al Islam's best shot at commandeering the planetary agenda (hello, caliphate): Yeah, ain't that awful? If Ms. Ralph would remove her sanctimonious head from her dimpled butt for a moment, she might be able to discern reality. Alas, it's awfully warm and comfy in that womb-like sphincter, and you can bet she's never seeing daylight again.

I'm glad that she's so big on free speech, though. Next time an Ann Coulter or a Mark Steyn is having trouble finding a venue for their "controversial" views ("security concerns," don't you know?), I will look to Ms. Ralph to stand up and defend their right to speak (and will grow old during the wait, I fear).

Update: This one--a song for the blossoming caliphate--goes out to its enablers, those most useful and idiotic of useful idiots, Independent Jewish Voices:

Hello, Cali, well, hello, Cali.
It's not nice to have you callin' all the shots.
For the kafir, Cali, it's so queer, Cali
To be dhimmified,
Accused of hatching heinous plots.
We feel the Earth dividin'
While your M.O. you're hidin'
And the IJV is shrieking, "Palestine!"
It's a wrap, Cali.

Golly, you're full of crap, Cali.
Cali, it's time to call your bluff.
Cali, you're alway in a huff.
Cali, not gonna take your guff this time!

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