Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tarek Fatah Gets It Bass Ackwards

Tarek Fatah's Middle East "solution" is not unlike B. Obama's--"solve" the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and all else will somehow fall into place. Writes Fatah in his Jew-acclaimed book The Jew Is Not My Enemy:

For Israel, the only action that matters is a specific and tangible step: end the occupation of the Palestinian territories and cooperate in creating a sovereign Palestinian state. Once this happens, the most powerful excuse used to whip up anti-Semitism and hatred against Western civilization will lose its potency and cease to be the rallying cry of despots eager to distract attention away from their own follies.
Wrong. Assuming such a fait could be accompli'd, Israel would still remain, and Muslim anti-Semites would thus continue to whip up hatred against it (as they did long before there was an "occupation"), and for the same reasons: because, as per foundational and fundamental Islamic teachings, a sovereign Jewish land in Israel simply cannot be; because despots know that whipping up hate in order to deflect attention away from Arab/Muslim problems (problems which have a lot to do with these selfsame teachings) is, as Ruth Wisse observes, politically useful. Therefore, you must "solve" the problem of jihad and Islamic supremacism first, before you can even begin to tackle the Israel-Palestinian problem. Trying to "solve" things the other way around will result only in "solving" Israel plum out of existence--as Israel's Arab "peace partners" know all too well.

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