Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Obama To Call For "Religious Tolerance" (Primarily Infidels' "Tolerance" of Muslims) During First Official Visit To a US Mosque

Considering that Obama is now into the eighth and final year of his presidency and has a pronounced soft spot for Islam, the faith practised by his adored, absent father, it is almost shocking this is his first time at a mosque.

Presumably, though, he wouldn't dare comport himself a la "when in Rome.../go with flow" Trudeau.

Update: Quel shockeroo--Baltimore mosque Obama will visit has extremist ties.

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Harold Pomerantz said...

Religious tolerance is a one-way street.

Saudi Arabia bans all religions except Islam. No churches are allowed in Saudi Arabia. Christmas parties are targeted with police raids. Converting to Christianity is punishable by death. Non-Muslims are entirely banned from some Saudi cities and the legal system discriminates against them. Saudi Arabia also engages in blatant racial discrimination and denies basic civil rights to women.