Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Immorality of Hollywood "Sophisticates"

Yesterday I quoted a Jew who observed, re making common cause with an avowed enemy of Israel, that "the existence of multiple moral frameworks with which to view the world is not a sign of confusion; it is a sign of sophistication and strength."

One needn't be a "progressive" Jew, however, to exist within that sort of moral maze. In fact, it was also on display last Sunday night at the Academy Awards, when Hollywood cheered the victory of a citizen of Ayatollahville. Sickened by the overt display of "sophistication"/useful idiocy on view, Bruce Bawer comments:
Taking in Tinseltown's huzzahs for [Best Foreign Film director Asghar] Farhadi, I couldn't help but recall the students at Columbia University who, ten years ago, gave Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the then president of Iran, a similar ovation. Never mind that Ahmadinejad then, and Farhadi now, represent a nation that is in the world's bottom ten for free speech and free press, a nation that arrests, tortures, and imprisons writers and artists, a nation that executes gays and rape victims, a nation that has made no secret of its desire to destroy Israel, and a nation that, since we're speaking of travel bans, happens to be one of sixteen (all of them Islamic, needless to say) that ban entry by Israeli citizens. But who cares about such niggling details? Just as the kids at Columbia hailed Ahmadinejad because he was the enemy of their enemy, George W. Bush, the celebrities at the Dolby Theater on Sunday night cheered Farhadi because his country is the enemy of their enemy, Donald J. Trump. If anybody saw the absurdity of an Iranian accusing America's president of “fanaticism” and of taking an “inhumane” action, there was no sign of it whatsoever. 
Beware with whom you make common cause, "sophisticated" "progressives." The lesson of history--including the history of Iran's Islamist "revolution"--is that once the folks you're unwilling to subject to a litmus test come to power, you will be amongst the first to be eliminated.

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