Saturday, November 13, 2010

Extremist Home Makeover

Oh, to be in England, where, even though you're a sinister fire-breathing Islamic hate preacher with a hook for a hand who's stuck in jail, the state will spend oodles of tax-payer shekels to spruce up your family manse.

What a country!

Update: Sorry about this one, Noel, old bean:

Extremist homes of England
Triumphalist they stand.
To prove that the sharia
Will gain the upper hand.
Thought the fact that you're shut away in jail
And aren't at all in line for bail
You would think would cause your sail
To flap quite uselessly
But that is not the truth
As one can see forsooth.
But still you're overheatin';
You yell, you seethe, you rave.
The Prophet Mo's example
Has made you frightf'ly brave.
And although this is still Dar al Harb
And "Allahu Akbar" is what you say
We'll pay
For extremist homes of England.

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