Monday, November 8, 2010

The Latest 'Victim' Group--the Fugly, the Plain and the Hopelessly Meeskite?

Some women are prettier than other women and, argues Stanford University law professor Deborah Rhode, it just isn't fair. Oh, look--she's even written a book about it, one whose goal is to "expose the price we pay for undue emphasis on appearance." (Which kind of makes me wonder what Prof. Rhode looks like. Is she more, say, Gisele Bundchen or closer to a Susan Boyle?)

See, there is a "good" reason to put chicks in the sharia fun sack--so they'll all look the same, and no woman will have an "unfair" advantage over another woman simply because of her beauty.

Update: Quel shockeroo! Prof. Rhode is no Gisele B.

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