Friday, September 11, 2015

An Angry/Sad Letter to Uncle Sam

Dear Uncle,
You know I love you, but if there's a Republican majority in both the Senate and the House, and the Democratic minority still has a valid mechanism to shut down debate about Barack Hussein Obama's diabolical nuke deal, I think there's something seriously--no, better make that disastrously--awry with your system of government.

Update: This gave rise to this:

There once was a POTUS named Barry
Whose deal the Devil was scary.
As for "addressing concerns,"
One rapidly learns
His addressing's duplicitous--very!

Update: I just wrote a song about the deja vu redolent (stinking, really) in Barry's nuke deal. Here's the chorus:

So it's "peace in our time" in our time.
Yes, it's "peace in our time" in our time.
We'll have "peace in our time,"
So let's drink a toast--l'chayim!
Yes, it's "peace in our time" in our time.

Update: I stand corrected--by an overwhelming vote, which included 25 Democrats, the H of R spurned Obama's nuke deal.

That said, with a full 2/3 majority required to overturn a presidential veto (which will be required only the unlikely event that Senate Republicans are able to get their act together and override Democratic shenanigans in that body), the system still sucks.

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