Thursday, September 24, 2015

Whaddya Know? Some "Poseurs" Are Hosers

Germany, as we know, is the Syrian refugees' preferred destination. What type of impact will this tsunami of Muslims, most of them young and male, have on that country? As Mark Steyn points out, if you don't want to be declared "racist"/"prejudiced"/"bigoted"/"Islamophobic," it's probably best not to ask:
Best to talk about the dangers of "climate change", as the Pope is doing this week, even as in the heart of Christendom the post-Christian future is showing up at the express check-in. For us 19th century imperialists a hundred years past our sell-by date, the migrant army indicts almost every contemporary western worldview: from Iraq and Afghanistan come the product of a decade of ineffectual desultory "nation-building"; from Libya of frivolous pointless interventionism, and from Syria of non-interventionism; and from everywhere else from across the map of the ruthless demographic logic of what happens when an impoverished dysfunctional tide of humanity next door to a depopulating not-so-gated community of soft decadent poseurs has sufficient access to "social media" to figure out whose system is easiest to game. The west's cultural imperialism - the smart phones, the TV shows - do not spread western "values" but only western weakness: Look at how we live! And how close and undefended we are! 
I love the phrase "soft decadent poseurs," and find it most apropos. However, many of the poseurs--and I'm thinking here of a gaggle of Canadian infidels who signed this statement--aren't soft and decadent as much as they are clueless and na├»ve, and, in some instances, even downright moronic. And that's a function of their particular brand of religion and politics (which lean heavily on "social justice" rationales/platitudes).

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