Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Betcha Didn't Know There's an "Islamic Party of Canada"

I know it wasn't on my GPS until just now, when my son sent me the link to the party's website.
What's the point of the outfit? Would you surprised to learn that it's nothing less that a complete overhaul of Canada and its economy based on the sharia way of doing things?
 The purpose of the Islamic Party of Canada is to encourage an political, economic, social, and educational reform, and an exponential increase in knowledge. The last time such a thing has been observed was the Islamic world's renaissance (900-1200 years ago) that produced the best scholars of the time, Muslim and non-Muslim, in all disciplines. Politically, we use this knowledge approach (see "Philosophy") and apply it to contemporary issues such as education, economics, health, and social wellbeing Several examples of which have been published or are in the process publication [1].  
We hope to dismantle the ruling corporate elite in Canada, restructure the economy, encourage peace and tolerance, protect the poor and oppressed domestically and abroad, and become an example for the rest of the world.
Don't worry, though. The site assures us that this is not another "faith-based" party:
The denomination of Islam as a ‘religion’ is a misnomer at best. Averroes, the man that introduced Islamic cognition to Europe is known as the “Father of secular philosophy in Europe”. What the IPC-PIC does is follow the model perfected by prophet Muhammad whose revolution over 1400 years ago marked the most significant change in human history...
My question: if Muhammad perfected the model long ago, why can't any Muslim nation seem to follow it?

Or could it be that they are following the paradigm, and that that, in fact, is the problem?
No matter. Not when the party has such lofty goals:
Goals include restructuring of the inherently oppressive capitalist economy and provide a true free market, focusing on internal security including domestic non-violent threats to the nation, and dismantling of the ruling elite in Canada.
Wow. Sounds a lot like the goals of that other "green" endeavor, the "leap" being led by that scourge of capitalism, Ms. Naomi Klein.

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